Sunday, February 10, 2008

a little dirt, lots of work, then it rains

We cleaned off the patio. Normally this would not be a difficult job. In our case it means removing a lot of mud that had eroded from the other side of the retaining wall. It was a spring-like day. The kids love to play in the mud, and erosion sounded like a good science lesson. We went out with shovels and buckets and set to work. When we were finished we were filthy, exhausted, and feeling as though we had accomplished something. Then Daddy called home. "Bad storms are coming.. have you heard?". No we hadn't. Rain. Rain=waterflow=erosion. My lesson plays over in my mind as I envision the two plus hours of moving dirt in buckets washing away, literally. In the end, the storms did come. Unfortunately, people not too far away were hurt and there was lots of damage. Two days later I talked with a student from Union University and am thankful they were safe in the midst of the destruction there. For us, cinder blocks kept some of the dirt in place. A makeshift plywood dam placed along the edge of the concrete helped, but water along the ground will move loose soil no matter what you do. We will spend more time moving dirt again. Next time we will have sod ready to go and check the forecast first. Laurel said (noting my less than ideal outlook) "Mom, maybe God wants the dirt on the patio". At least they had fun. The laundry is proof of it!!

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