Thursday, February 26, 2009

Katey's birthday pics

Here are a few shots of Katey celebrating her third birthday:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What I would take in my wagon

We are studying the settlement of the Western territories during the mid 1800s in school. We have also been asked to talk to the college group at church about money. Those two things combined have left me thinking about how much junk and excess we have around here (not to mention the electric bill we received- even with a week with no power it was high). We really could live with so much less. In a way I envy the pioneers and the simplicity of life living on the land. Grow your food, rely on your neighbors, and put your faith in God- all these things seemed to be more tangible then. Now don't think I am saying that I would want to live back then, I like my modern medical treatments, food in the fridge, and indoor plumbing, but I envy the lack of distraction from the important things, the slower, simpler pace. So, what would you put in a wagon 5 ft X 8 ft? When you really think about it there is very little we have to have beyond those we love and the basic tools for survival. Below is our list. No worries, we don't plan on venturing out and going west anytime soon, but we may do some traveling so its nice to know the kids are prepared to pack light.

Our modern day wagon: There are the necessary things and then just those things we know others could do without, but we would go nuts without: Cooking supplies and equipment, food, water, blankets, clothing, a hammer, matches, toilet paper, medicines/first aid kit, a bible, a laptop (yes, our wagon is wired), cell phone, lantern, shampoo, soap, good shoes, and sunscreen. Tim adds a flashlight (and food for the horses if we are going old school). Laurel added her blanket and Matthew would take his Legos. Throw in Carter's blanket and Katey's My Little Ponies and everyone says they would be happy. I am sure there are things we have forgotten, but the point was made.

So what's in your wagon? Send us an email or comment here. The kids have had a lot of fun with this one.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Grandparents in town?

My parents are planning to move to town. The kids are thrilled. There are several things that have to happen before they will come (selling their house being the major event), but plans are underway. It will be a big change to have family in town. Tim and I might get to go out on a date more than once or twice a year! I know the kids will love spending more time with them. By fall soccer season we will no longer have grandparent envy!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whipped Topping and Wood Floors

So prior to my being back online my two youngest children created a mess that was definitely "blog material" as we say- if we had been up and running. During school Carter and Katey took the whipped topping out of the fridge and used it as finger paint all over our leather chair, wall, piano, and curtains. I was thrilled beyond words. To be more specific, I was unable to form words at the moment I discovered them. Let's just say my face spoke volumes to them and they fled to the drawer where I keep the rags to clean up. We got it all up and put the curtains in the wash. I was very happy to tell Tim later that apparently whipped topping does not damage leather. Today I moved the chair to rehang the curtains before my parents arrived to visit. It seems that the whipped topping treatment has made the wood floor in that corner of the front room extremely slick. I could barely stand. I cleaned it again...still like glass. Maybe it just has to wear off??? Who knew whipped topping had such capabilities. Who really knows what is in that stuff?? All I know is that if you put it on something edible it dramatically increases the chance that our "picky" kid will consume it. Fair warning friends- watch your step in our front room!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Katey is three!!!

Today is Katey's birthday! She will celebrate with all the birthday fun later in the week when Papa and Nana come to visit but is having fun today saying she's "free." It is unbelievable to me that my baby is three years old. It seems like such a short time ago she was the little pink bundle in my arms.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I received for Valentines Day

Yes, I admit it. I am guilty of asking Tim to pull over in someone else's driveway and asking the Mediacomm repairman to come to my home. I couldn't resist, he was less than a mile away. I am sure it violates some sort of etiquette. However, I am back in the wired world and he didn't seem too offended by my asking. I think my desperation was evident. When Tim asked what I wanted for Valentine's Day and I replied "the internet and a phone" he laughed and asked what else. Turns out he is now able to take credit for getting me exactly what I asked for (he stopped even though he thought I was crazy), and flowers as a bonus. Here's a link to some pictures I uploaded to Picasa (finally) of the storm that left us one week without power and 2 weeks, 5 days without the internet or phones (not that I was counting or anything):

Monday, February 9, 2009

A post from the parking lot

Yes, I am resorting to sitting in a parking lot with my laptop to get to the internet. We are still without service (phone, internet, cable) due to the ice storm. Please call us if you need to reach us (all phone numbers will ring to our cell phones). I am trying to remind myself to just be thankful we have electricity as many here still do not. Here are some of the positives about this storm: It has shown us how much we depend on conveniences like pure water, flushing the toilet, electricity, phones, the access to information through the web. Carter likes to turn on the lights now "because we can." It was also nice that we couldn't go anywhere for several days. We spent time together because nothing else demanded our attention- no work, no kids activities, etc. We have also found that our kids have not asked for the television at all!!! There are blessings amid the hassles, but I have to tell you not being able to do a google search anytime I feel like it has made me crazy. I'll be back when we get service or the next time I feel the need to sit in a parking lot and connect!!