Thursday, February 21, 2008

I hate Vista

We waited to buy a computer to get Windows Vista. We now count that as a mistake. Tonight in the precious quiet time after the children were in bed we spent 2 hours trying to load software for our video camera. I've lost the software that came with it and so Tim was kind enough to purchase Sony's Vegas Movie Studio for me so that I could do some cool video stuff of the kids. It won't run. Crashes seconds after you launch the program. Google searches, troubleshooting sites, uninstall, reinstall, cross your fingers, stand on your head, hold your mouth right...nothing worked. I quit. I won't buy a Sony HDD camcorder (another nightmare) or a computer with Vista ever again. The kid's software is now useless, we often joke when we try to find freeware "think there's anything for Vista?" (recently some internet filters for the kids was needed..nothing compatible). I confess I am a sucker for new technology. Make my life easier, let me do something cool, live cheaper, expand my access.. I am in. Every Christmas there is a new gadget (my husband happens to have the technology bug, too). However, I am going into recovery and I will attempt to drag Tim along (with our MagicJack phone in hand). If it is too new for the bugs to be worked out then we will wait. Let someone who doesn't have four kids play with it and work it out. Life is too short for frustrating electronics.

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