Friday, May 28, 2010

My junk runneth over

Today was house cleaning day. I am continually amazed at all of our junk and the amount of time I spend dealing with it. The clothes, shoes, toys, books, dishes, etc, etc, etc. Its overwhelming to try to keep up with it and downright daunting to think of how to permanently declutter/organize it. Right now I'd say we have creative organization that allows us to be occasionally company ready. In other words we have places to stick all the junk when someone is coming over, but on a daily basis its "junk on display". Recently I told a friend I would love to spend a day pitching stuff out the windows into a rented dumpster. The freedom of purging the house, it sounds like a day of joy to me (not green or charity-friendly, but a whole lot of fun). So tonight when I saw an ad for a portable dumpster in a bag (the Bagster) I had to check into it. $100 total- so its expensive, but its a day of joy- can you put a price on that? Too bad for me though, they don't pick up in my area. I told Tim about it and he said I could get insurance for our truck and purge to my heart's content. No throwing stuff out the windows though. Where's the fun in that?

Thursday, May 20, 2010


We visited family in Michigan over the last few days. The kids had a great time visiting Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, going places with their Aunt and Uncle, and we all went to a Tiger's game. We debated bringing the children as my grandmother is not in good health. We are glad we did, she really enjoyed them. I enjoyed spending some time with her. Here are a few pictures: