Thursday, August 18, 2011

Carter eats!!!!

Since Carter's birthday last month we have a new rule:  He must eat one bite of the main dinner meal every night.  For his picky eating nature this has been a big challenge.  However, he is learning that he does like a few things.  To most foods he says "Its okay but I don't want any more" but at least its a start.  Tonight was our first Wednesday meal at church since the new rule went into effect.  He took a yogurt to eat expecting not to like the meal that was offered.  I took a small piece of Laurel's fried chicken and had him eat it as his "main" course for the night.  He liked it and asked for his own piece.  The kid ate an entire serving of chicken.  Any of you who have picky eaters can join me in doing my happy dance that I have another source of protein for my growing boy.  Cantaloupe was also tolerated, though he still doesn't always want to eat it.  It has been a month and he is coping and taking his bite each night without too much resistance.  We are very excited for him!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Berkeley salad- still delicious 20 years later.

I had time to shop at a local market while Tim worked. It was fun to see all the local crafts and taste some yummy food.

The ferry building is the site of the farmers market

Lots of people everywhere

It was a sunny warm day

When Tim finished work today we took a bus to Golden Gate Park and visited the Conservatory

Many beautiful things

A quick stop by the chilly Pacific Ocean, but I had to see it!

We enjoyed watching the kite boarding
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun in San Francisco

By the Bay- Windy and Cool

Cheese dessert plate at Benu- followed a yummy and equally attractive meal- I was too worried about being a tourist to photograph an entire meal, but I had to preserve something.

The fountain in Sausalito- nearing the end of our city tour

Coming back to the dock after touring Alcatraz, San Francisco in the distance

Alcatraz from Pier 39

On the Cable car- public transport is crowded, my German transportation assertiveness once again is paying off.

Stopping for a view at Alamo Square park and to see some of the "Painted Ladies" on our city tour
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