Tuesday, January 26, 2010

History night

We had our History event with our local homeschool group. Laurel and Matthew made a DVD presentation about Germany. Carter read his book he made about Creation. They did a great job!

Here is their presentation. A little clarification...prior to the completion of the Berlin Wall, people living in East Germany could escape to West Germany (and then often out of Germany completely) through the weak border in West Berlin. A little confusing here. The kids are really looking forward to seeing the wall memorials in person. One of the many things that will likely broaden their world as a part of our travels.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Haven't seen it?? Neither have we. We learned our lesson tonight. Its a small town, one theater....buy your tickets in advance. We arrived 25 minutes early, but not early enough apparently. We did see Book of Eli. I recommend it highly. Maybe we will get a chance to try again for Avatar. I am assuming since its still selling out it will stick around a while.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Home from Disney

It was a long week. We got caught up in some bad weather on the way home so our trip was a little longer than expected. Record low temps in Florida made it a cold visit and so the picture of the kids above was taken as they stood and tried to appear as though they weren't freezing. We had a good time, although Carter preferred to just stay at the hotel. Disney is great for some but we'll stick to camping for a while. They really are the most happy just riding bikes and digging in the dirt- and its A LOT cheaper!
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Passports- our Germany trip preparation continues!

While Tim is on break from Murray State we took the kids to get their passports. I have to mail mine in for replacement since its in my maiden name. We chose to take our own photos (kudos to epassports.com) and saved the $15 per person photo fee. It was funny trying to get the kids NOT to smile for a picture (no teeth can be visible). This was our second major financial investment for the trip. It seems everything multiplied by six is expensive. Here are their very serious photo poses: