Friday, April 23, 2010

World's Biggest Fish Fry

Well we were in the neighborhood on our way back from Jackson,TN so we thought we'd check it out. We've heard about it for years, but never made the trip down to Paris to check it out. We parked (amazingly close) ventured out into the drizzling rain to see what it was all about. The rides, funnel cakes, and fair type attractions were present, but we really wanted to check out the fish tent. All you can eat for $10, kids $7, under 6 free. We found the tent, took a peek at the cookers, and then we found the line. I am sure it has been worse. It was under a covered tent, but the idea of waiting in disney style lines and then paying $34 for fish was more than we were willing to go for after a long day. The kids aren't big fans of fish so there would likely be no end to the "can't we just get something else to eat" monologue as we waited in line. So- World's Biggest Fish Fry: we came, we saw, we left and ate fish in our local restaurant the next night. Maybe some other time.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Carter is on the mend

Carter is feeling better today. He was sore yesterday and not quite himself until late in the day. Today he is feeling much better and ready to show off his toothless grin to all.

Here is a picture of the staircase. Our best guess is that he was one or two stairs from the top. It truly was God watching out for him that he wasn't seriously injured.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Carter's first ER visit, almost.

Everyone who knows Carter knew it was going to happen eventually. I placed a frantic call today to Tim saying "meet me at the ER Carter needs stitches!" He fell from the wrong side of the staircase in the foyer. Yes, he has been told repeatedly not to climb on the wrong side of the stairs. Yes, today he found out why. We feel blessed that his injuries weren't more severe, just stitches and the extraction of his two front teeth. Tim called the surgeon's office he knew here in town and avoided the ER visit (Dad is much more cool in a crisis than Mom) so we'll call it an "almost" ER visit. Papa and Nana watched the other three while Tim and I went through the process with Carter at the surgeon's office and then at the dentist. He went to sleep still numb and likely will be uncomfortable tomorrow. Say a prayer for him. I started to take pictures but decided against it for two reasons: first, it was not a pleasant sight, and second he was just too pitiful. I'll post a toothless pic once he is on the mend. He will be toothless for awhile....