Monday, March 19, 2012

Park Day Milestone

Today was our first park trip of the season.  This used to involve about 30 minutes of prep for me as I gathered all the required support material for the trip (extra clothes, water for each of us, band aids, etc).  Today I told the kids to get their water bottles and whatever they wanted for the park and load up.  We came home and they put it all away.  Matthew even loaded my chair in the van for me.  Days like this make me realize I don't have babies anymore.  Its a good and sad thing....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

OVC Tournament

Our big kids, Tim, and I had a great time at the OVC Men's Basketball Tournament in Nashville.  We went with the Upward basketball folks from Hardin Baptist.  The OVC offered free admission for the kids to encourage their participation in sports through programs like Upward.  We couldn't resist making the trip.   The little kids stayed home with Mom and Dad and my aunt and uncle since it was a long day.  It was a tough game but the Racers won.  This win guarantees our spot in the NCAA so the fun continues!  Here we are with the trophy: