Friday, October 23, 2009

Dirt Work

Since moving into the house we have wanted to do some clearing and make the woods in our adjacent lot into a fun place for the kids to play. This week we were able to get that started. Here is the view from the front now.

A path now lets the kids get into the woods and play.

There is now a path into the woods from the backyard as well.

The kids are looking forward to lots of time in the woods and are already planning to do some more clearing by hand to be able to play in a creek on the back side of the property.

This dirt had to be dumped in the front yard, but....

it goes here in the corner we cleared in the backyard. That is whenever a tractor that won't sink into the soft yard is available! Yes, I am worried we will have to do it by hand!

When our yard was first put in we had an area sink, now that is filled in and seeded!

It was exciting to see all the work get started and we are looking forward to getting the grading finished, seeded (although this may have to wait until Spring), and a few new trees planted. We still miss our "park like yard" in Martin, but gradually we hope to make this property enjoyable for our family as well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He is doing it!!

Carter is trying to stop sucking his thumb. The dentist said it had to go and so did our pediatrician so this week we planned to work on this together. However, last Friday he was packing to spend the night with Papa and Nana and decided he would leave "blankie" at home and try not to suck his thumb. He made it through the night and when he came home on Saturday I had new sheets for his bed and blankie was gone. He has only had one relapse so far and is doing really well. He wakes up at 5 am, so we are a little tired here, but hopefully once he adjusts to the change his sleeping patterns will go back to normal. We tried to make things as stress free as we could for him. His Papa gave him a bear to snuggle, Matthew and I picked him out some cool transformer sheets for his bed, and today the "Thumbuster" arrived (see above). He now has all the tools and we hope he will be "thumb free" in a few weeks.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The pancake eating machine

We had pancakes for dinner this week. Carter informed me he was the pancake eating machine. They all really love pancakes so I always make enough for a few days breakfasts. I was ready to be done cooking them up so I poured the last of the batter on the griddle making one giant pancake. I put it on the "pancake eating machine's" plate the next morning. He was thrilled.