Friday, January 1, 2010

Passports- our Germany trip preparation continues!

While Tim is on break from Murray State we took the kids to get their passports. I have to mail mine in for replacement since its in my maiden name. We chose to take our own photos (kudos to and saved the $15 per person photo fee. It was funny trying to get the kids NOT to smile for a picture (no teeth can be visible). This was our second major financial investment for the trip. It seems everything multiplied by six is expensive. Here are their very serious photo poses:


Wes said...

Carter looks especially thrilled. Hehe. It appears that not smiling wasn't as difficult form him!

Annette turner said...

When do you plan on going to Germany? Jeremy and I are going at some point this year. The kids are all growing so fast. Your family is beautiful! Miss you guys. Do you speak with the mcdonough's much?