Tuesday, February 26, 2008

4 kids, 1 mom, in a toy store

Today was a field trip day. We headed to Paducah for one of the educational programs at the Carson Center. The show was great and we had fun. My two oldest think Newton's 3 Laws of Motion are really cool, so what more could you ask for? We had a great time at Steak and Shake with friends for lunch. We played in the snow (aka a light dusting on the back deck) at home. At least it was enough for each kid to make a snowball. I guess one day we will have to take a winter vacation so they can actually see snow.

The only hiccup in the day was the visit to Toys R Us. You ask WHY did you go to Toys R Us??? For a newborn cabbage patch doll for Katey's birthday. She loves Laurel's full size one and it seemed a good idea. Unfortunately, they are harder to find than I thought. Nana got one in Michigan, but it didn't have blonde hair like Katey, so Laurel sort of vetoed that. I bought one at Walmart, but it didn't have the trademark cloth body of a cabbage patch, vetoed again (this time by me and Nana). So here I was entering the mega toy store with four kids in tow, by choice. The children knew we were there for Katey, and Laurel and Matthew enjoyed finding a doll for her. Carter, however, had never before entered a Toys R Us. I shop online folks, I don't enjoy torture by retail. We entered the store to be greeted by the sand and water play table (umbrella included, cute - but $70!). I lost him there, he never recovered. Toy overload. We made our way past the "slip n slides", water toys, as numerous cries of "MOM I WANT THAT!! rang out. We reached the checkout. He noticed I did not have the construction set from the end of the aisle in hand. A promise of "maybe for your birthday"seemed to calm him, but then he disappeared. We found him at the sand and water table, thankfully the store wasn't crowded and employees were quick to help out. We left the store with Katey's doll and a sad little boy. We got to the car and he was screaming. I couldn't help but feel a little guilty. Look...a place of your dreams. Look at all the stuff...THE TOYS. Sorry, kid none for you. However, just yesterday we cleaned out the basement. Two large garbage bags and a box FULL of toys we don't need. I am not THAT tempted. Not today. He got over it, rather quickly actually. He is now happily playing with the free paper hat from Steak and Shake. All is well and hopefully I can avoid taking him to a toy store for another 3 years.

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