Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cereal for Breakfast!

Today was treat day. Party with our homeschool friends after morning school, Wendy's for dinner, a visit to "Maw" to give her Valentine's, and NO Quiet time! A day any kid would love, but ask them what was most special on Valentine's Day and they will tell you cereal. You see we don't eat cold cereal for breakfast. It's one of the things we choose to avoid. Tim wants them to start off with a good (preferably warm) breakfast. Its a good thing. However, like most kids ours love the sugary treats covered in milk that is a staple of the American diet. Our kids eat cereal for snacks, but for breakfast only as a treat with Papa and Nana. To have their Daddy buy them 5 (Yes , FIVE) boxes of cereal was a big deal. He found it for $1 a box and decided to treat them. So on Valentine's Day morning Laurel and Matthew sat down to bowls full of Shrek and Hot Wheels (both versions of Lucky Charms). They couldn't decide between the two so decided to mix. They devoured their bowls. When all was said and done Laurel and Matthew had eaten FOUR bowls. Adult size. Carter ate two and would have eaten more if I would have let him pick out just the marshmallows. I have to draw the line somewhere- even on a treat day. So Daddy scored the "cool Dad" points today and Mom got a morning off of breakfast duty... Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!

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