Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the cabrio!

Can I tell you how my life has been blessed by an object? While I know one should not be caught up in their possessions, I can honestly tell you that a washer and dryer have changed my life. My husband was kind enough when we recently moved to purchase me a new set. (For those of you who know us well-grab something so you don't fall over-yes, this was not like Tim!) The old ones were showing signs of wear and not holding up to the constant use of a family of six. Our new laundry is on the top floor of the house and was much smaller than the space we had in our old home- we had to improve efficiency. I knew what I wanted: the largest capacity machine made. I read about the Whirlpool Cabrio. Recalling a friend had recently bought a machine I checked with her and found that she had bought that exact model. She raved about its performance. I purchased mine the next day.

In our old home I washed two loads a day, sometimes three. Laundry was constant and everywhere. The dryer took at least twice as long as the washer so the process took all day. I felt I spent my life in our mud room. Since our move I wash twice a week...yes, I said TWICE. There is often a load or two in between for the inevitable spill, stain, mess that is life with four kids, but as far as normal laundry I can do it in two days. Its 11:15 today and I have washed and dried two large loads since 8:30 while doing school. I will do one more this afternoon and everything will be clean. I washed last Thursday... count those days..think of the volume. Done in three loads.

Our life is hectic, the house is often a wreck, but our clothes are clean. One part of my life is dramatically improved by a machine. Put it on your wish list ladies!!

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