Friday, February 15, 2008

Candy Hearts

Every holiday has a candy/treat associated with it. Candy canes for Christmas, Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving, Watermelon for 4th of July, BBQ for Memorial Day, every form of candy imaginable at Halloween. One would vote for chocolate for Valentine's Day right? Not in the Johnston house. We love our candy hearts. Necco loves folks like us who have to have several bags each year. It is all that Laurel asked for this year as her Valentine's treat. Now we have another one who competes for the hearts. Katey has found her new favorite treat. We ration, we hide, but now there is a cute little voice that makes us share. "Candee Herts? " She says and we all give in and give her some of ours. Who could resist. Next year she won't be so cute and she will have to share in the quota system. For now, we love her cute voice and baby words so she gets our "hearts". I am off to the clearance aisle at Walmart to stock up for 75 cents a bag.

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