Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The girls room saga and a successful lesson in patience

Today was the day Laurel has been waiting for. When we bought the house we found a "rocket fan" for the boys room. It is tremendously cool, and they love it. Laurel picked out an equally cool fan for her room. Butterflies and pink, what else could a girl want. Unfortunately, she has a Daddy that is over 6 feet tall and her room has slanted ceilings (a bonus room over our garage). In order to put in that fan it would have to be dropped down low enough to clear the walls...thus too low for Daddy and any other tall person to walk through. No fan for her. We promised her a cute lamp for her nightstand after we moved. We looked for a cool girl's lamp. Not to be found. Unless you want Cinderella, in plastic, a cute lamp is not easily within reach for what this Mom is willing to pay. We saw a cute shade at Wal-mart, but the base was missing. We search out the manager and ask if they will get more. He gets the head of that department and shows her the problem with the inventory. She tells us "Sure we can get more of those. However, that supplier takes several weeks. Just check every week or so when you are in the store." We have four kids, think how many times a week we go to Walmart. Each time Laurel checks for her lamp. Finally, weeks later the lamp arrives. We grab it-the first item in our cart that day. She wants a valance to match, only $9, so we get that too. While walking around the store she admires her lamp. You can guess what happens next... " Mom could I have the sheets and comforter that go with the lamp?" Not happening. "How about pillows?" Sorry, kid. She wants the stuff to match. I understand, but know we have spent enough decorating a room occupied by two little girls. I tell her "If you will watch for the line to go on clearance I will buy you whatever we can get for a good price." She does. Every trip to Walmart we check. For FOUR months. She never asks me to buy it, she just looks to see if it has been put on clearance. Today we went to Walmart. We walk to the housewares section and the line is gone. Replaced by bath rugs. Yes, you know I feel terrible. The weather has been cold, roads icy. We have done the unheard of--no Walmart in over a week. I think she will never believe my frugal patience will pay off. She responds better than I thought as we comb the aisles looking on end caps for the clearance merchandise. We find one comforter in a twin (she has a full bed). I begin apologizing and explaining how cute her room already looks and how she really doesn't need anything else. She doesn't argue, but is still looking. We round the corner to leave this area and get our groceries and I see it. A small section of the things she wanted. Two sheet sets (one butterflies, one floral) and pillow shams. The sheets are $9, the shams $3. I show her the savings. Then I get to be the "cool Mom" by saying " You can have them all". Such a splurge, somewhat rare in our home (which is a good thing). She tells me how cool it is to have saved so much money being by being patient. I think the Lord knew we could use a little learning to wait around here. So she got her sheets. Patience and frugality have proven worthwhile. A lesson learned-for both of us. Tonight she sleeps happy. The sheets will get washed tomorrow and we will put them on her bed with her new shams. Meanwhile, I have given up my search for a Wii. Mom needs to learn some patience, too. Have no fear- I put it on my Christmas list.

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