Thursday, February 28, 2008

God is coming over

Carter loves company. He is excited Nana and Papa are coming this weekend. He thinks everyone should come to his house. It wasn't too shocking to me when he told me "God is coming to my house." It happened last week. We were having Bible study and he said it. I told him God is everywhere and he said "No, He's not just everywhere, He's coming to my house". Yesterday, he talked at length about it again. He told me "When God is done with things in heaven, He is coming to my house." I told him that yes, sometime God will come, but not to just our house. However, God is with us all the time. He said "Yea, Momma, you know God is in my closet. He keeps the monsters out. But, when He can He is coming to stay at our house." I decided that if he thought God was coming for a visit, why argue. Those of you who know Carter well know that this is a child with which you pick your battles. Convincing him of any error in his thinking is an ordeal. Why bother this time? God IS in my house. We talk. I ask him to intercede, give me patience, guidance, comfort. Some of my most "spiritual" times seem to take place in my bathroom (the only place a mother gets solitude!). So if I find God in the bathroom why can't Carter say God is coming over? I think it is a blessing that he feels that close to his Savior. So, today I'll clean the house, get it ready for company. Not HIM, but Papa and Nana. As for HIM, this conversation with my three year old reminded me that we all need to be ready for HIS visit and look forward to the day HE "comes over".

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