Saturday, February 16, 2008

Katey is two!

That was then..

This is now!!

Today is Katey's 2nd birthday. She has spent the last several weeks waking up to a chorus of "it's almost your birthday" a song created by the other kids. The day finally arrived and while I doubt she really knew what was going on, the other children were very excited for her. Laurel created cards and gifts for her since her actual birthday party will be next Saturday when my parents can be here. Laurel gave her one of her care bears, Matthew gave her his "loopy" (his favorite stuffed animal as a baby), and Carter colored her a picture. They really enjoyed celebrating her day. We made her a giant cookie since she prefers cookies to cake. Her exclamation of "COOOKEE" when she saw it made us believe we had made the right choice. She'll have the traditional cake at her party. It is hard to believe our little girl is two. It seems time passes too quickly. As I put her to bed tonight I told her "I love you baby, happy birthday" and she responded "two years old, two old". So cute. I wish I could keep her innocent sweetness forever.

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janie said...

1. AWWWW! How cute is she!?!?

2. Thanks for linking me to your blog...good reading.

3. Sorry I spelled Katey's name wrong....and I honestly thought about doing a giant chocolate chip cookie instead of a cake...oh well. Maybe next year.

Have a great day!