Saturday, February 23, 2008

We need a good night's sleep

We flipped, but probably not often enough. When I was pregnant with Carter we bought the memory foam topper. Now there are no easy fixes. Tim says we'll try flipping it again, maybe it will buy us a little time. However, nothing will change the fact we need a new mattress. Its 13 years old. To sleep on one's side, on one's side of the bed, you now have to hold on. Literally. Drape an arm over the side, tuck it under the topper, do something to lash yourself to the edge or you will find that you wake up in the abyss that now exists in the middle of our bed. If we don't do something soon we could lose one of the small children who often visit in the middle of the night, lost forever in the crevice. The quandry is where to buy it. Costco has a good deal, but its kind of scary to buy a mattress without laying on it. Dealing with sales people in an industry designed to prevent comparison shopping is not my cup of tea. I love a bargain. Give me a product, I'll get online, call around, find the best price. Its fun, easy entertainment and makes me more pleased with my purchase. You can't do that with a mattress. There's the two main contenders: Sealy Posturepedic and the Serta Perfect Sleeper but they come in so many forms who knows what is what when you are trying to compare. All I know is I want to sleep somewhere without tying myself down. Also, leaning over a laptop shopping for hours on the internet trying to figure out which mattress set is the best reviewed with best price gives me a backache no matter what I sleep on.

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Wes said...

Hey Sis,
Pretty great reflections here. Got me laughing. My favorite mattress ever was one that was a generic memory foam with a quilted top. I was looking at those same "typical" brands you mentioned but chose something a bit different. Every person that ever slept on it loved it. Mike and Sara came to visit once, and they bought one like a month later. Though I no longer have mine due changes, I could probably ask Sara and Mike about brand and such. I still miss that mattress! :)