Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Laurel cuts her hair for Locks of Love

Today was the day. Long anticipated and excitement filled. Laurel got her haircut. See for yourself.


mom2many said...

What a neat video -- love the song! Laurel has a sweet little heart - you certainly have much to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing your story with us.
Jaymi :o)

Angel and Kayla's Mom said...

Way to go, Laurel! You are a beautiful girl...inside and out.

Sharon said...

My Mom used to say, "Pretty is as pretty does" and if that's true, then Laurel, you're too beautiful for words! I love the new haircut (how chic!) and I'm saying a prayer for the one who benefits from your generosity.

Nice use of Sanctus Real's "Face of Love", Mom! Can't imagine a neater score for your video.

Under His grace,
Sharon S

Wes said...

I am super proud of you! Yours is definitely a face of love! And, I really like your new haircut, too! I love you!

-Uncle Wes

Anonymous said...

Uncle Billy and Aunt Myra loved the departure of your beautiful hair video.Our computer had its first teardrops on it,watching the video and listening to the song. Biiy and Myra xoxoxoxoxo.