Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quiet Time????!!!!!

Quiet time. My refuge from the day. My chance to gather myself, and my patience, to make it through the dreaded hours of 3:30-5:30. Those last two hours when we have been together all day and are all looking forward to Daddy's arrival home. Today quiet time is not to be. Katey is refusing to nap and Carter is repeatedly sneaking out of his "quiet place". Coming out with his eyes shut, claiming that means it doesn't count as disobeying. There is a reason we all need silence. I will just have to carve out some during play time later. I appreciate quiet time all the more when it doesn't happen!
UPDATE: Why Katey wouldn't nap: As I typed the above message I was listening to Katey fuss in the monitor. After 30 minutes I gave up and went to her. She often fusses a little before going to sleep, but today she really seemed upset. I found out it has happened for the the fourth time. Count her in. Part of the family. Yes, she too is a member of the nap time mess club. You see all my children at one point have done this. It is nasty and my one and only consolation at having to welcome her into this not so elite group is that she was somewhat unhappy with her initiation. You see the "mess" I refer to is poop. Each child at around two years of age has pooped their diaper while in the crib for nap, removed it, and made a terrible mess of themselves, the unfortunate "friends" in their crib, and the bed. Today it was Katey, pink sheets, and "Ellie" the elephant. All the crying was because she wanted to be cleaned up. She has proved herself one of the Johnston kids. Yet another milestone in her short little life.

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