Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Potty humor in the house

My children have discovered the world of the whoopee cushion. Laurel was helping me buy inventory for our "treat box" in the 88 cent aisle at Walmart and saw one. She asked what it was and I told her "I won't tell you now, but get it for your brothers- they will love it". I am trying to remember boys like things such as this and allow it within reason. Matthew chose it out of the box on Monday afternoon after I whispered to him what it was. Carter was immediately jealous. It was coveted, begged for, and then broken. Whoopee cushions aren't meant for stomping. We have a new policy- break it and suffer the consequences. So Matthew lost his treat. There were tears aplenty- from both boys.

Carter has been begging for two days. "Momma PLEASE go to Walmart and get me a cushion". I put it off. I want them to understand the value of taking care of things you play with. However, for 88 cents two days proved the point so I picked up three today. The children showered, brushed, went to the bathroom, and got PJs on in record time with no complaining. Their reward: 5 minutes of whoopee cushion heaven before bed. Even Katey participated in the foray. I have promised to place them strategically around the house before I go to bed. Entertainment value well in excess of 88 cents. They can scatter them around the house and have a "blast" (sorry) with the potty humor for the next few days. Anyone who might come by in the next few days watch where you sit! Papa get ready- they are planning to bring them when they visit.

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