Saturday, June 28, 2008

Almost missed the reunion!

Today was the annual Mathis-Darnall reunion in Marshall County. We've been going for the last 4 or 5 years. Usually we take Tim's Mom since it is her family and she no longer can drive herself. This morning we called her to see if she wanted us to take her and we didn't get an answer. At 11:30 (after about an hour trying to reach Mary) we got concerned and called her sister, who also happened to be in charge of the festivities. We found out that the reunion was from 12-3, not starting at 3 as we had been told. We made it just after everyone had settled down to eat, but our contribution was PB&J sandwiches and two cans of pringles. I had planned to do more, but sandwiches were the only thing I could think of that I could assemble en route to Draffenville. Call and confirm. Our new policy with all things. Yesterday it was a lifeguard that didn't show up at the kids' party, today we almost missed the reunion. I also have to remember to bring the phone in the house and not leave it in the car. That way when folks are trying to call you about family events, you can actually get the call!!

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