Thursday, June 5, 2008

8 Skittles- I am off the wagon on day 1!

Today I started really trying to watch what I eat. I have been stuck at the same weight for about a year. It seems to have been irrelevant what I ate or did, my weight stayed the same. I sort of gave up, resigned myself to my size, and just ate the same things. However, thanks to a few too many Little Debbie cakes on vacation I gained 4 lbs and marked a new all time high non-pregnant weight. I have decided I have to do something before it gets any more out of control and I approach pregnant weight while NOT pregnant! I told Tim last night- I am going to watch it, so we are all on a diet. I eat when the kids stress me out so it can't be in the house or I will consume it - ALL of it. No Oreos, no candy, no whatever might sound good to a Mom seeking a sugar fix. It went well this morning. I made weight watcher's muffins for breakfast. I ate the kids' leftovers for lunch- instead of their leftovers and my lunch. Then we did our Science experiment. It was about natural selection. We used different colored skittles and construction paper to demonstrate how camouflage effects an animal's ability to survive in a habitat. They learned, had fun, but Mom fell off the wagon. In the course of cleaning up I ate 8 skittles. That is like 80 calories and of course now I am hungry. So I confess. I let all of you know I lasted all of 8 hours. It is going to be a slow process. Maybe by going public you all can keep me accountable. I don't really know how a woman with young kids manages to do the things needed to lose weight, but I have to figure it out. Hopefully I will do better with "Candy Math" next week!!

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say 8 skittles counts as falling off. Maybe 8 cookies or Just wanted to say I'm here for you and in the same boat! (Let's hope it doesn't sink!) lol