Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Frugality and dentistry don't always go together

So I visited the dentist today. Before I go any further I have to say that Drs. Fitch is are good dentists, both father and son. When they explained that I had 5, yes 5, cavities I wondered how that could have happened in less than a year. I visited a dentist regularly before we moved and had no cavities for several years. When I returned today for the first of several filling appointments I found out why so many cavities "appeared" on my first set of x-rays here. My former dentist didn't do regular x-rays because it wasn't covered by our insurance. I don't remember being asked, but I likely would have passed. I despise dentists who pad their pockets and tell people to do unnecessary things. We were happy with the quick visit to the dental hygienist - I never even saw the dentist, but I now know it has cost me. Often we have the "if it ain't broken..." philosophy around here. Turns out if you don't catch cavities early it can really cost you. I was nearly to the point of a $1500 bill today. My dentist was able to fill my tooth, but had just a little more time passed I would have had to have a root canal and crown or had that tooth pulled. Needless to say the x-rays are cheaper. My fondness for the cheap, do only what the insurance covers- dentist in Union City has faded. As I spend the next few weeks visiting the dentist, my lack of fondness may become frustration, but I have to share the blame. So open up folks, wear the lead blanket, and smile for the film (and floss, too). It might save you in the long run. I am certainly not enjoying my consequences.
To recover from the bad news I had to travel to Martin for a K&N Burger and root beer. Actually I had to take care of some business there, but K&N, a pretty day, and a Mom who couldn't talk well enough to teach made today a good day. I feel much better now. There is nothing like good food for dinner when you feel a little blue (and you couldn't eat for the last 4 hours or so). It was great to see a few folks- especially those we just bumped into! (You have to love a small town for being able to see someone you know every place you stop) It was a little sad to see how much baby Jentry had changed and how she cried when I picked her up!! It was good to see her and my friend and do a little catching up and some clothes swapping. Maybe we need to visit more often!

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