Thursday, June 26, 2008

Amazing coverage

So Tim got home today and read the blog and disagreed with me. He told me that while Katey's mistreatment and milestone are worth documenting he didn't think that was the event that should have been posted. He asked me why I didn't post about the way we started our day. Frankly, I didn't want to relive it. However, with his suggestion I am persuaded to share. This morning Laurel was going to assist her sister with some applesauce to go with her bagel. Katey loves the "sauce" and Laurel has gotten pretty adept at serving food. She gets it from the fridge, removes the cap, pours it in a bowl, and goes to put the cap back on (which she had left near the fridge). En route she trips over a toy. The applesauce jar falls to the floor and amazingly enough the glass jar doesn't shatter (perhaps because the lid was not on?). That blessing is overshadowed however by the coverage reached by the contents within. The curtains, the ceiling, two walls, the cabinet, the floor, the vent, and INSIDE the duct work below- all splattered with "sauce". It took Tim, Laurel, and I working together for 20 minutes or so to get it all cleaned up (thank goodness for a tall husband who can reach 12 ft ceilings using a kitchen stool!). The curtains are still in process- rehung after washing, but wrinkled and in need of steaming. Laurel apologized profusely-even giving us a homemade card with an apology. It was a true accident, but who knew applesauce could go so far.

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the lid was off. Laurel