Saturday, June 28, 2008

All tied up

Friday night we stopped by DQ for some ice cream. I ordered while Tim stayed in the car with the crew. We had decided to eat it on the way home as it was getting late. When I returned to the car Carter was crying and Matthew and Laurel were in a panic about him being trapped in his seatbelt. I didn't really think it was any big deal so I handed off ice cream to Tim and went to untangle him. Somehow the child had managed to twist the belt around his waist, retract the belt, and lock it. There was no slack to maneuver the belt and it would not unlock without retracting further. I got the booster seat out from under him, and still there was not enough slack to loosen the belt. I told Tim he was really stuck and he took over as I perused the owner's manual to see if there was any way to unlock the belt. We start discussing who we could call for help. Who would lend aid to a child tangled in a seat belt? The fire department? A tow truck? Sometimes you wish you had AAA. Tim decides that instead of focusing on untangling the belt, he would try moving Carter. He had Carter stand on his head and then he turned his body around the belt until he was able to get it untwisted (picture untwisting a corkscrew). Crisis averted. Another saga in the craziness that is our life. You would think stopping for ice cream would be fairly uneventful!

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