Thursday, June 26, 2008

The fourth child

Today Katey felt the burden of being #4. We loaded up to go to town to go to the library and stop by the pool where we are planning a party for tomorrow. It was hectic. Finish morning school, hurry to the car, get back for Katey's nap and afternoon school. I was a crazy woman trying to get out of the house. The kids put themselves in the car, with Laurel helping Katey. I headed down the road and handed out some crackers to tide everyone over for a late lunch. As I glanced back at my little girl I realized she was still wearing PJs. Upon further examination I realized she also only had one shoe. I felt terrible, yet thankful I had realized it before getting too far from home. She is a pretty independent kid. She has learned to do her own thing. However, today I realized that I have to pay a little more attention to the littlest of us.

Okay, as I was typing the last sentence, almost ready to click "post" the following occured: Katey went in the bathroom next to where I was on the computer, took off her diaper, and went "pee-pee" in the potty-all by herself. She soaked the bottom edge of her dress in the toilet, and seemed surprised by all of us cheering for her, but she's just proved my point. Independent kid.

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Anonymous said...

great job mom... you trained the last kid to potty. Laurel