Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grandma the CVS Queen

My Aunt called today to inform all of us CVS bargain hunters that my 81 year old Grandma is now the CVS queen. Apparently every time you transfer a prescription to CVS from another pharmacy (at least in her area) you get a $25 gift card. Grandma has some health issues so when her pharmacy closed she had 10 scripts to transfer. She did them one at a time. Do that math. She says we all need to make our Christmas list based on CVS inventory. She won't have to pay for toilet paper or toothpaste for a year. She and my Aunt are proud of their savvy CVSing and so am I. Especially since the only deal I could come up with this week was cereal for 1.32/box when you can buy it everyday at Walmart for 1.68- and I spent an hour working that out and printing the coupons required. I think I need to learn from Grandma!

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