Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yesterday Tim gave a talk about hiking the AT to some of our homeschooling friends and their children. He told them a little about the trail and showed them some of his gear. Once again we had a little get together and I took no pictures. This time I even made a point to put the camera on the counter. I am a blogger loser. Maybe I will do better with the Venture River trip in a few days.

Later last night I was showing Tim some bug bites on Katey. I said "Look at the mementos from Family Fun Day Katey has on her back". Matthew asked what "mementos" meant and I explained. This morning Laurel noticed the bites and Matthew said "those are just memories". So when you are itching this summer from those nasty bites you got at the cookout, concert, etc. remember they are evidence of a fun time, just memories- and maybe, if you are like me, a reminder to use that can of bug spray you bought back in May :)!!


Anonymous said...

We all had a great time at Tim's talk. The kids told Dave their favorite part was all the camping equipment. My favorite part was the picture of Jennifer that Tim carried on the trail with him. How romantic!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Laurel for having us over! Nicole had a great time trading ponies and playing Hannah Montana! Your Dad did a great job telling us about his trip!

Miss Sharon