Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lets hope things go more smoothly!

Tim is on his way and the children are all alive. I am counting my blessings as I ponder our crazy day.

All went well this morning. Tim got his stuff together while I got the children ready early. We planned a leisurely trip to the airport with a quick stop at Target to get a battery operated alarm clock for him to take. He was going through his files one last time giving me things I might need and handed me his itinerary. He told me his flight left at 2:10, when I looked at his paperwork I saw that 2:10 was his arrival time in Atlanta. He was to fly out at 1:05. It was 11:44 and my parents live 30 minutes from the airport. We made record time, the children moved amazingly quickly as their parents flew around in a panic grabbing bags and loading up. He was checked in by 12:20, said a quick goodbye to us and made a mad dash to security. He made it to the plane. So far the only thing we know he forgot was his neck pillow which he can live without. Now as for his luggage-with a 45 minute prior check-in...we'll see.

As I was driving back to my parents Katey choked on a hair clip. We were driving down the interstate when I hear gaging sounds. I look back and see it come up into her mouth from her throat. Then she screamed and as a result sucked it back down! The gaging began again and I rush to get us to the side of the road. I jumped out and opened her door just as she coughed it up again. I shoved her quickly forward and gave her a "pat" on her back and it to fell out of her mouth. She was scared but a drink of water and some love from Mom calmed her down somewhat. She needed more attention, but the side of the road was not the place to be.

There was a trip to Walmart and one to Target the full details of which I will spare you. Here is a brief summary: It is hard for a kid to spend $6 on toys for his birthday when there is really nothing cool there, Katey now only has one Dora shoe, Carter thinks walking through the racks instead of around them is fun, and I may have to go back to the store again tomorrow for things I forgot.

I am reminded to stick to my motto: kid friendly or no go!! Tomorrow is library in the morning and church at night. Hopefully a quiet afternoon reading books will help us recover.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you, friend! Hang in there! I'm glad Tim made it to the airport on time. Tell the kids that Matthew, Nathan and Lydia say "Hi" and that the time at Dollywood sounded like a lot of fun! (Of course, they are asking to go to Dollywood now!).