Thursday, July 24, 2008

The black hole

Somewhere in our house there exists a black hole. It sucks up things that are never to be seen again. Actually we have had it for a while, you see it moved with us as well. The software for my camcorder, a magnet for the magna doodle, and various other items- all lost never to be seen again despite massive searches. The last victim: Katey's khaki shorts. I am trying to finish up packing for our trip and I cannot find them. I have been looking for them the last few days, confident they would turn up as I washed, picked up, and packed up. The child only has two pairs of shorts, you'd think I could keep up with them. I guess I will pick her up another pair along the way. Luckily she has two pairs of capris and a skort to get her through.

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