Thursday, July 10, 2008

National Chocolate Cake Day

Yesterday was National Sugar Cookie Day. Who knew this? Did you celebrate? More importantly who comes up with this? Who bakes sugar cookies in July?? I found out because I recieved an email with recipes from Pillsbury- crazy. I found it so silly that I sent the following email to some friends:

Okay, I got an email from Pillsbury. Apparently today is national sugar cookie day. Who comes up with this stuff? At any rate, thought I'd share in case anyone wanted an excuse to splurge- you have 1 1/2 hrs left. I had a choc chip cookie for dessert tonight- does that count as holiday food? We all know that food consumed in the name of a holiday forgives all guilt.

When is national chocolate cake day- I want to celebrate.

Just after I hit the send button I had to check. Surely there isn't REALLY a National Chocolate Cake day is there? Oh yes there is! (I love google) Its January 27th. Insane for two reasons. First, during January everyone is trying to loose the 10 lbs they gained from Christmas and Thanksgiving. Second, I eat enough chocolate cake on my own. I don't need a national holiday- I am already loyal to the cause. If someone thinks we Americans need holidays to increase our sugar intake or to eat period, clearly their research is flawed. However, in the interest of being well informed here is a link- it contains all the food holidays. Basically it covers every day- check out your birthday to see what you should consume. Some foods are so important they get a full week or month-

My Monday night friends- December 28th is national chocolate candy day- finally a use for all the CVS chocolate and validation for stocking up at the after Christmas sale!

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janie said...

It's the day after my birthday...perfect timing for chocolate cake day!! I finally read your Opryland story! HA!