Monday, July 14, 2008

The Injury Weekend

This weekend was all about Carter getting hurt. On Friday night he rode his bike, at full speed, into the back of Tim's van. We were yelling at him to stop and I got close enough to see his face smash into the van just above the license plate. I just knew he was hurt badly and grabbed him up and ran inside to the kitchen sink. I thought I would be collecting his teeth and soaking up blood, however his teeth were intact. He had abrasions on his gums and they were bleeding, his lip was swollen, and his front teeth are still sore- even today. I am amazed at how little the effects were of such a strong blow- one that left two teeth marks in the paint! On Saturday Tim took the boys disc golfing and Carter wiped out on #9. His belly is scraped and his elbow looks pretty nasty. Needless to say they ended their round there. Hopefully they will get to play sometime this week and enjoy it a little more. Yesterday, it was bike riding. A skinned knee, minor stuff, not even noticed by me until bedtime. He is our tough kid. He really doesn't complain if he gets hurt and has no fear, but enough is enough. Hopefully today will be injury free!!

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