Friday, July 25, 2008

Jesus on the backsplash

I mentioned to Tim as we were finishing up packing up and preparing to go to bed that I stained the stainless steel backsplash last night while cooking dinner. I searched the web to no avail today and was unable to clean it. Those who know the saga of the backsplash- feel my pain and dread at having to tell Tim. He walked in the kitchen to see it and started laughing. I found no humor in the situation and was curious until he called to me saying "we have the face of Jesus on our backsplash". I thought he was joking, trying to make me feel better until I joined him in the kitchen and he pointed out the mouth, moustache, beard, nose, and eyes. Should I sell it on ebay??

Maybe I can start a home based business. We'll schedule tours when we return. Make plans for your pilgrimage.

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