Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cute moments

We have had several moments with Katey lately where we realize she is growing up. Today it happened twice. First as I was getting ready this morning and she was watching me put on my make-up. Tim noticed how tall she was and the fact she watching me in the mirror (instead of just looking up at me) because she is now above counter height. Its sad, yet exciting at the same time. Later today as we were leaving the park we stopped in at the bathroom. Since Katey's diaper was dry I decided to let her "try". She wasn't going and I had Laurel stay with her for a minute. Laurel asked her "where's the pee pee Katey?" to which she responded in a puzzled yet slightly frustrated little girl voice "I don't know!" So cute. I am trying to treasure every minute and remind Tim often that while they are adorable when they are tiny, they do grow up, so we can't keep a baby around forever. He is sad to see it happen, but looking forward to not paying for diapers! Hopefully she won't grow too much while he is traveling in the coming weeks.

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