Saturday, July 5, 2008

Could one day contain any more fun?

The day began with a parade. Pictured above are shots taken by Tina of all the kids waiting for the parade to begin and Tim holding Katey's ears as numerous fire trucks passed by with sirens blaring. (To see a larger image, click on the photos. You can use the back button to return to the blog.) Breakfast provided by the Jones family included donuts with 4th of July decorations and yogurt with strawberries and blueberries- festive and fun - and enjoyed by all. The parade was small town life on display and we all loved it. The kids loved scrambling for candy, although Carter will have to learn to be a little quicker. He was much too interested in the tractors, fire trucks, and people in the parade to truly be in competition for grabbing the goodies. Laurel was the most proud of the two pizza coupons she was able to get. She knows Mom loves a bargain and is anticipating pizza for dinner in the near future.
After the parade it was on to swimming lessons. They have been taking lessons this week at the Gibson's house and have loved every minute. Today in addition to lessons the older Gibson boys passed along several bags of clothes to my boys. Not only did they help my kids learn to swim, they have now clothed them for the next two years. We are grateful for both.
Finally, this evening was filled with fireworks. Carter has been terrified of them for the last two years, but was thrilled tonight. All the kids thought they were great. I hope we can recover well tomorrow from a bed time well after 10 pm.
It was a fun day and we have enjoyed the 4th of July celebrations thus far. One more event is planned for tomorrow- Family Fun Day at the park. It seems Murray knows how to make a holiday last. Laurel and Matthew are thinking this whole independence thing is pretty cool.

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Dearest Laurel,
This is not really a comment about the pictures but I wanted you to know that I am looking at the blog....

Miss Tina