Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A little music on the blog

I am always trying to find a way to play music in the house. We haven't unpacked the stereo (another issue- probably a future post). There is too much talk on the Christian radio station for me to turn it on and just let the kids listen. So, my solution- post it here. It runs automatically when the site loads. I can just turn it on and we can enjoy it while we pick up, play, or just hang out. For those of you who don't want to hear our favorites while reading, please scroll down and click the pause button on the player and you can catch up with us tuneless.

Here are a few of the reasons why some of the songs are included. Casting Crowns, I just love them and have for years- let's not talk about the fact I had to miss their concert 4 miles from my house- I am still in recovery. "If We Are the Body" just because I need the reminder. "Gone" by Switchfoot - the kids favorite song - they can't possibly hear it enough. "My Savior, My God" Aaron Shust - the song that walked me through the prayerful time when we decided to move. "The Face of Love" reminds me to see His face in my kids everyday. "East to West" is for when I forget to see it.

Katey just brought me a book of hers and my Bible- why that combination? Sounds like Mom needs to go pay attention to #4. I have spent far too long on the computer this morning! Hope you enjoy the music with us, if not feel free to turn it off when you visit.

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Anonymous said...

I was going to complain about no Caedmon's Call musicbut then I saw one (we are big fans, you know...) Love Only Imagine. Remind me to tell you a story about that one that will give you chills!

Can't wait to listen while I am at the computer!