Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting over it and getting happy

Okay. So this is my third post. The first two were too depressing and I deleted them. I am in mourning over our old yard. Its an ongoing thing. Tim is also a chronic sufferer. It is possible he will require intervention. Those of you who were with us in Martin know it was great. Several people told us it was like having a private park. We literally lived in our yard. Parties were held there, and the kids spent their entire days outside. It was awesome. As we begin trying to transform the ground around our home in Murray into a yard I see the work that is to be done. Anyway, I deleted all that - and too much more detail because when Tim read it he would be depressed along with the rest of you. We've already spent months pondering our yard. It is time to get happy around here. We have grass and we'll go from there. Its time to focus on getting things done and enjoying what we have. I am going to focus on the fun parts ahead. Picking out plants, moving the playset into the yard so the kids can play on it, and more (the more will be determined when we get the cost estimate from the nursery!). So when I suffer from "yard envy" or nostalgia you all just remind me to get over it and get to work. Tell me to look forward to what can be done. Tell me how blessed I am to have grass after only 7 months.

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