Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Less TV more brains

Okay, so I've been thinking about it for several months. The weather has been bad, I have been tired, the list of excuses goes on and on. However, God wouldn't let up. You know when he is trying to tell you something so badly He is practically shouting? Ever had that feeling? I have for several weeks. I just kept ignoring him. I would mull it over and say "Sorry God, I just don't have it in me." Its how I get through the day. I NEED the break. Heard a sermon that addressed it- filed it in the "maybe this summer" area of my brain, talked it over with Tim- he didn't insist I take action so maybe its not so bad, went to a homeschool conference- UH OH. Every speaker, literally every one convicted me that my children watch too much TV. I want creative kids with active imaginations, not those dulled by the two-dimensional. I gave in and said okay to God. We've fired my electronic babysitter. Okay, so maybe we just cut her hours. My problem now: how else do you manage and get anything done? Creative kids are messy. I've lost productivity and increased the workload. Today is day two. Don't fall out at the tremendous milestone. I am telling you its big for me. Yesterday Tim offered to stop by the store on the way home. "NO!!! Come home and play with these kids!" was my reply. Tim offered to rig something up for me to relieve the temptation. So far we have made it. They are actually more independent today. Yesterday we tallied up 2 hours total of computer and TV in 14 1/2 hours time. It was good for us. Others do less, but for us that is about a 50% reduction. Laurel's was all computer time and no television (for some reason the computer bothers me less- I know better, but that is the truth). The biggest adjustments: No more TV while Mom and Dad get one more hour's sleep -ouch!- and no TV before or after dinner-I now have 5 cooks in the kitchen. They choose TV OR computer before lunch if the school work is done and in the afternoon while Katey finishes her nap (for the sake of noise!). Those times add up to about 2 hours so that is it. It is quieter. I have had to settle more disputes, deal with the whining, but they also woke me up this morning pretending to be a band of pirates donning Dad's handkerchiefs on their heads. Poor Katey was the dog, but she barked on command and was included in the storyline so I'll get over it- she didn't seem to mind. So we'll keep going. I know it will be easier in pretty weather after the yard dries out. I will get used to it and by going public I am accountable. Wish me luck, creativity, and most of all patience!

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