Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sometimes disobedience helps

We again have a van with a dead battery. (Yes, we still need to buy the jumpstart-its expensive and we have been procrastinating). So, today we were running late, Tim is about to head off to work and we haven't jumped my van - which I need today. We QUICKLY loaded up the children and I drove Tim to work in his van. I got back and realized I was locked out of the house. The ongoing saga of the morning. We preach to the children about locking doors. Our house has six exterior doors. Its insane. We can't check them all before we leave to go somewhere, so we tell the children when you are finished outside you close and lock all doors you have used. We have the rule and we try to strictly enforce it. They usually remember, especially if we remind them as we are going in, but not always. As I walked around wiggling door handles this morning I prayed for disobedience. The kids were in their PJs - none of them had shoes and we have to be at the LBL Planetarium at 11:45. Tim is in class until 10:45 and he has visitors on campus today. I'd be lucky to connect with him by noon. If I didn't get in the house we'd be in trouble. I started with the front door-no luck, on to the back deck- climbing over the railing - a pretty sight no doubt to any passersby. Finally my prayers were answered with one of the basement doors. Laurel used it yesterday to run out and collect basketballs before an afternoon rain shower. In her rush to get out of the rain disobedience took hold!!! I pray, study, labor, and sometimes even beg in hopes of instilling immediate and consistent obedience in my children. Today my failures saved me. Maybe we are all imperfect for a reason!

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