Thursday, April 3, 2008

And he says "I am God"

We are attending a Medieval dinner this Saturday night. For the last two weeks I have been putting together proper attire for 5 (Katey is to be home with a babysitter). On Tuesday night I finished the boys' tunics. All week we have been studying about the period. We have learned the various titles for people in the Middle Ages: Lord, Lady, Knight, Peasant, etc. While I have by no means achieved true authenticity in our costumes, I told the children we are probably closest to lords and ladies because of the gold trim I have used. So, when I tried on their costumes Matthew mentioned being a lord. Carter put his costume on and proclaimed "I am God!". That is when I realized that he translated the "lord" term into "Lord"- the word we often use in our home when referring to God. I tried to explain the difference. He didn't seem to want to change his mind. He told me "No, mama I am God and my costume has Jesus sleeves." We are working on it. Hopefully by Saturday he will be convinced. If not I will have some explaining to do for our fellow guests.

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