Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Learning to love the chaos

I have learned that while I would love to have a strict schedule I can't allow myself to attempt it. Today is proof and its only 11:30. I had goals, I had plans, the morning has gone to pot. It started before I left our room this morning. You see ever since the medieval feast Carter has been asking for a sword, helmet, and shield set. We can't find them locally and shipping is ridiculous. This morning he asked again. "Please make me one out of wood" was his plea, followed by detailed instructions on how to do it (in his three year old language). To him it seemed simple. So at 7:30 this morning I was cutting swords and shields out of cardboard (Carter said Matthew had to have a set so that he could "play knights" with him). That done I moved on to breakfast. Everyone seems to be going through a growth spurt. Today's menu: eggs, oatmeal, bananas, and a large bagel-all of it for each child (except Carter of course). Normally any one of the above with the banana would suffice. For some reason everyone was starving. Breakfast took almost an hour as I made more and more for everyone. We dressed, cleaned the oatmeal off Katey, and said goodbye to Daddy. I cleaned up the cardboard mess and hung up the laundry from the dryer. When I returned downstairs to start school I found a plugged toilet. Great! I fixed the toilet, and then had to convince Katey we couldn't play in the garage- she had escaped while I was searching for the plunger. Luckily it is a beautiful day so she could play on the deck while we had school. We finally started school. In the end it went well. We finished with everything except Science a few minutes ago. We even remembered it was Earth Day and read a book we have on the subject! However, had I been trying to follow a schedule I would be tremendously frustrated, behind, and feeling like a failure. For us it has to be general goals for parts of the day. Start school with a Bible verse/study. Finish reading, grammar, handwriting, and math by lunch and everything else before the end of Katey's nap in the afternoon. Get dressed. Keep the house sanitary, tidy if we are lucky. Strive for kindness (the cook was a little grumpy today when Laurel asked for oatmeal and eggs!). Play outside when its pretty, and soak up the best weather of the year- its good for everyone's disposition! I can't tell you to the minute when this will happen. If I try I will fail and be frustrated. So, I will appreciate the accomplishments of my friends who have mastered the fine art of a scheduled day and learn to love my chaos. Right now it is time for lunch, let's hope I have enough food in the house!

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