Sunday, May 4, 2008

The 50th Birthday Weekend

It was great! We surprised Tim at work on Friday and took off for the weekend to Pennyrile Forest State Park. We returned for cake with our small group and Tim opened cards from family and friends near and far. It was a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped pull it off : all of you who took the time to send cards/emails, Alice (and Aaron)- who lent their mailbox so the cards could arrive secretly and watched my kids while I got groceries and supplies for the trip, Matt and Janie who collected cards from friends at church and provided the birthday cake, Tim's colleagues who helped me announce the surprise, and everyone who kept the secret!! You all helped make it a special day and we really appreciate your being a part of the celebration!!

Here's a little glimpse into our weekend adventure (Pardon the hard to read script! Its hard to find a color that shows up over the colors of nature!)-

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