Monday, May 19, 2008

Fish, Kickball, Ticks, and More

We fished, we played kickball, we played shuffleboard, Matthew learned to swing without assistance, we saw wildlife, had campfires, cooked pancakes for breakfast, met a new friend, wore sweats and t-shirts to church, and found multiple ticks on our children. What more could you ask for? We spent the weekend tent camping at Piney campground in LBL. It was fun. Laurel claims to like tent camping better than staying in a cabin. The weather was good. A little chilly on the first night, but very pleasant during the day. The kids did well. If the filth on their clothing is any measure they had a great time!! The highlights for the kids: playing with Keri (a girl in the campsite next to ours), fishing, and eating ice cream from the camp store. We saw turtles, a beaver, multiple species of fish, a goose and 4 goslings, a frog, a skunk, two turkeys, and a heron. We slept six people in a five person tent - and we actually slept. We didn't get to hike, but kept busy in the campground utilizing the amenities there. A couple of the amenities were none too pleasant: lots of ticks and poison ivy! Hopefully we won't break out. We removed all the ticks quickly, but it still has us all itching and checking!! I have pictures and will try to post them tomorrow, but for now its off to shower and bed- fun is exhausting!

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