Thursday, May 22, 2008

What is that smell?

This afternoon I noticed a strange odor. It wasn't bad, sort of chemical like. It was in my closet, the laundry room, the girl's room. I couldn't locate the source, until I noticed that the smell was often accompanied by Katey's presence. I bent down and realized it was something on her. Her hair had a strange odor. It was not wet or sticky, but it smelled. It was time to get ready for church, no time for a bath, so I tried a wet wipe and did the best I could. The odor still there, but not as prevalent. I asked a couple of friends at church and they couldn't figure it out either. What had the child gotten into?? I told Tim about it when we got home and looked around after I put kids to bed. I can't find anything obviously tampered with. A few minutes ago Tim got into the shower. He was looking for things. I had cleaned the tub and not put things back in their normal places. I helped him find the things he needed and was walking out of the room when he said "what happened to all my shave oil?" I immediately said "let me smell that". You guessed it. My daughter had squirted her hair with shave oil. Apparently it had absorbed into her scalp leaving only the strange odor. So her scalp is probably softer unfortunately her Daddy may cut himself while shaving. Mystery solved.

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