Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The best day ever (not counting Disneyworld)

Today was a dreaded day. Laurel went to the dentist yesterday and found out she had two cavities and would have to go back today. There were tears-many of them. This morning she was upset. I decided to run errands before the dentist to keep her from sitting around ruminating about it. However, at 1:30 on our way to farm day Laurel proclaimed this "The best day ever as long as you don't count days at Disneyworld". Pretty good for a girl whose mouth was still numb from the dentist! Here was our day:

8:00 breakfast and get ready to go
9:00 library, sign up for summer reading
9:45 post office - picked up two packages - always a treat to get to open a package (Laurel got a new Bible cover)
10:15 Dentist - can't speak well enough of Dr. Fitch. Laurel did great and came out smiling! She told me all her worry was for nothing.
11:00 Riding bikes at Murray State - great place to ride off the street - long straight rides around on sidewalks- (some students had to dodge the kids as they learn to steer). Katey scraped up her knees on the sidewalk :(!
11:30 Lunch with Daddy on campus! Something we used to do a lot at Martin. It was nice to get to see Dad in the middle of the day. The kids rode across campus on their bikes to the Curris Center and ate with Dad.
12:30 Ice cream at DQ.
1:30 4-H farm day at the Murray State Expo center- they got to pet pigs, goats, a cow, an ostrich, hold baby chicks, see bugs, learn about farming, and ride a horse. Could one day possibly contain all this fun??

Its now 5:45 and I am about to put kids in the bath and feed them dinner before going to church (the meal at church was a no go as two kids are asleep and it is Mexican food - not the kids favorite). I am EXHAUSTED!! It was a lot to do in one day and its not over yet. I told the kids it is a lot easier for Mom to do one thing a day with some schoolwork than to run them around all day for playtime when we are on a break!! They strongly disagree and preferred the break day, of course. I am glad they had fun. There were lots of smiles. Even Katey was happy with her boo boos after Daddy produced band-aids from his wallet. I won't have any trouble sleeping tonight! Hopefully staying home tomorrow won't be too much of a bummer. Sometimes you just have to give Mom a break!

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