Friday, May 23, 2008

Zoo members

We are now members of the Knoxville Zoo. Apparently when you have four children it is cheaper to become members than to pay for a one day admission. We can now also go to the Nashville Zoo for free, sort of, with the reciprocal agreement (about 130 facilities participate). Their family membership is for two adults and two children so we will have to pay for Carter (Katey is free since she is under 3). Sounds like they are penalizing people with lots of kids in Nashville doesn't it?? So it appears that this will be the Zoo weekend. I have pics, but left my camera cable at home so I can't share them today.

Our visit can be summed up in one word: Poop. Basically, if we can see the animal doing his "business" that animal was automatically moved to the top of the "interest factor" list. I have reached the pinnacle of my homeschool career. I take my children to the zoo, we read the plaques, go to the keeper lectures, and what do they focus in on? Bodily functions. Is this an age thing? I hope so. Actually, they did learn some new things. They told me all they learned on the way home and they picked up a lot more than I thought. They had a lot to tell Nana when we got back. A big favorite were the Gorillas. They were playing with toys, running around, and backing up and banging into the glass where the kids were watching (in play not aggression- we let the Crabb family deal with all large animal aggression!). We also were able to see them eat and that was lots of fun. The butterfly habitat and Kid's Cove were high on the list as well. It was a beautiful day, the zoo wasn't crowded, and we got to pet a Llama. I think we will enjoy going back several times over the next year.

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