Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little soulful music and a fridge on the outs

Our "new" fridge is out. The evaporator fan or something like that. At least the entire unit hasn't given it up and we have an extra in the basement. So far the freezer seems to be holding its own. I may lose a few pounds climbing up and down stairs gathering food for each meal- not a bad thing. Its sort of like camping at home. The milk is in a cooler in the kitchen floor. I am just glad we had the backup unit since I just did a major Walmart food buy. The part will take a week to arrive :(. Thankfully we are camping this weekend (away from home) and will empty out most of the food inventory.

Also, I have added a couple of new tracks to the playlist. I enjoy praise music so there is a soulful version of The Days of Elijah. Its my worship fix on the list. I have to expose my children to worship in different forms. I want them to know worship isn't done in a certain way. My Church of Christ friends know where I am going-enough said. Have a little praise time while you visit.


Anonymous said...

Now aren't you glad you didn't load up on FROZEN goodies at CVS? Can you put some hymns on your playlist :) ?


Anonymous said...

You two are a sight! I love you guys!!