Thursday, March 6, 2008

In my dream world Walmart would have a drive thru

Tonight I needed a few things. Just those one or two urgent items to make it through to the next big grocery trip. Basically it was fish food. The poor frogs and fish haven't eaten since yesterday. They scurry around the fish bowl if I stand nearby. They are hungry. I am out of the carbonated water I like and we are low on milk. Just those things and we can make it until the weekend and the full shopping trip. So out I went with kids to Wendy's and a planned trip to Walmart (Mom doesn't cook when Dad has a night class!). I thought I could do it. I could run in with the kids for those few things. I approached the parking lot and I decided, NO! I will not subject myself and the end of our day to the normal Walmart adventure. I am strangely transformed when I enter this store with my kids. I talk us through the entire store with phrases like "Stop touching that! Don't push your brother! We aren't getting that! Stay with me! Use an inside voice!" I know people think I am a crazy woman. By the time I return to the car I often agree. So not tonight. Tim had already said he would stop on the way home. I hate to ask him to go to Walmart at 9:30, but tonight I will take advantage of having a good husband. He will rescue the fish and I will avoid the screaming crazy woman I turn into inside the retail giant. Why can't they just have a 20 items or less drive thru? Don't they know the value that Moms put on places that you DON'T have to unload the kids? Call in your short list, pick it up in 30 minutes. It would change my life. Yes, I am familiar with the typical level of customer service at Walmart, but I can dream can't I?

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