Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A lesson in advertising

Today Laurel learned a lesson. The kids have been asking for new webkinz for their end of school "celebration". I am trying to teach (and learn) a little patience and less emphasis on "things" but we got a flier in the mail about a consignment sale in town with webkinz for $5. That is really cheap. The bargain shopper in me came alive. I told them we would go ahead and check it out. So, this afternoon we headed out to the sale-everybody is getting a treat. Carter was excited to get in on the action. We arrived and found out they had only had a few. It was one of those fliers that was designed to get you in the door. Limited quantities. Sold out before the sale even is open to the public. Not that surprising after I thought about it. Maybe the flier said something about this, I really didn't look that close. Laurel brought it to me and asked if we could go. However, she was the most disappointed of the crew and not because she didn't get a webkinz. She was discouraged because "they said they would have webkinz for $5". A lesson in advertising and the need to read the fine print. I explained to her that businesses will offer something really cheap and only sell a few just to get you to come in and buy something else. We fell for it this time, but we didn't shop. We actually left immediately. I didn't even check out the boys shorts as I had planned. It was a good lesson. Laurel learned that advertisements are designed to get you in the door. The consignment sale sponsor learned that a woman with four kids in tow will leave without shopping if you disappoint her kids.

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